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Hosting is now Open


  • You must have knowledge of developing a website. Its ok to ask me questions but not a constant occurance.
  • You must link back to either on you main page or every page make sure it's not hidden somewhere.
  • No offensive content. If you run an adult fanlisting that fine just put a warning on the splash page. Make sure its tasteful nudity.
  • No direct linking or copying other sites. If you fail to follow this rule your account will be deleted without notice.
  • Make sure you keep your site updated, I don't want to host someone if you don't update within 2 months.
  • You can do what you want with the space, but you can not use it for just storage.
  • No large files such as MP3s.
  • A link back to eternal-hopes is a must.
  • I have the right to deny an application.
  • Form must be completely filled out. Failure to do so with be rejected.

    Sites Ill Host

  • Fanlistings, hatelistings, ect.
  • Small graphic sites
  • Portfolios, blogs

    You'll Receive

  • 25 - 50 mb of space if you need more just let me know.
  • FTP access
  • MySQL database on request


    Feel free to apply just fill out the form and I will get back to you within 2 weeks.

    Designing Example:
    What kind of site would I be hosting?
    URL Desired (ex:
    MySQL? Yes    No
    Tell me about yourself:

    Comments, questions, ect:

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