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    1. Wait until your plug has been pushed off the board before plugging again.

    2. Buttons for the 88x31 plugboard must be 88x31 pixels in size exactly. Buttons for the 80x15 plugboard must be 80x15 pixels in size exactly.

    3. Make sure your host allows direct linking.

    4. No Porn sites, no 'Free ipod' crap or similar and no sites promoting illegal activity. (or any site an admin deems as inappropriate)

    5. I reserves the right to remove any plug for any reason, whether stated here or not.

    6. Please visit some other plugged sites while you are here. It's how Plug sites work.

    7. No commercial sites. Meaning no sites that are for profit. If you would like to advertise; use one of the paid advertisting above. Failure to do so your link will be removed.

    Recommended Sites




    Link Dump


    SD Exchange

    Get More Exposure

    Serene Listings

    SD Rotation

    Advertise for $1 mo. or $9 yr. Toplist


  • Advertise for $3 mo. or $15 yr.


    Advertising Spots: 10

    What you get

  • You can advertise for 1, 2, or 3 months
  • Your button will be placed on the top of the plugboard
  • You must have a paypal account. If you dont you can sign up for one by clicking here.
  • Your button must be 88 x 31 and directly linkable or I can upload it to my server.


  • 1 Month: $1
  • 2 Months: $2
  • 3 Months: $3
  • 6 Months: $5
  • 12 Months: $10

    Ready to sign up? Just click the button below and put in the amount shown above and then fill out the form. You will be added once payment has been received.



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